Meet Your Healers

Your Path to Holistic Wellness and Transformation

Amit Goswami

Transformation of reality through understanding of Quantum wellbeing aka quantum activism through ancient scriptures.

Dr Thomas Paul D'Souza

Classical homeopath helped us in identifying stuck patterns and understand the real definition of flow and health. Taught us the reality of vaccinations and blessed us with the lessons of fever management and COVID protocols to save lives.

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Nutan lakhanpal pandit

she is a birth educator since 1978 , when our son Kabir was not positioned well just before birth, she appeared like an angel and healed our fears of hospital births.

Darryl D'Souza

Introduced us to alternative lifestyle systems of food forests, merkabah breath,tai chi, sun yoga, his book “become healthy or extinct” is a guide to adopt changes with clarity, made us stronger with the right knowledge and guidance.

Paula horan

She is the most experienced person that I have met in the field of healing, founder of Reiki in India, a pranic healer and she taught us how unresolved emotions are causing issues and How EFT works to heal the past.

Saify saraiya

Author of zero medicine wisdom and founder of ZVM, Zero Violation of the Mind. He reassured us that the path we’re on is also the right path in his belief.

We are learning new insights about healing and absolute wellbeing through his continuous presence.

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Dr. Susan Raj

When we were worried about our loved ones who accidentally intoxicated themselves through false medical procedures, she appeared as a ray of light. Her detox protocols are so holistic that it will change your life fundamentally and the way you perceive reality.

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Dr. Aparna Palyekar

Dr. Aparna S Porob Palyekar, the driving force behind NIRAMAYA HEALINGS, stands as a luminary in the realm of holistic healing. With an extensive and diverse background, she offers a comprehensive array of healing modalities that span the spectrum of holistic wellness.

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