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πŸ’‘ Discover how a ‘Change in Mindset’ helps in overcoming any dis-ease, fear, worry, or grief and reveals the path to inner transformation bringing new enthusiasm, ease and bliss in our life.Β 

πŸ”„ Discover the hidden patterns behind ‘Six Matrix’ that negatively impact our well-being and lead to anxiety and despair. Learn to overcome these challenges and regain control of your Life.Β 

🌟 FACILITATOR: Saify Saraiya is a Life Coach with three decades experience in facilitating programs across India and abroad. In 2006, he met a renowned MBBS, MD, PhD doctor who in spite of such distinguished qualifications, denounced medical practice and took up holistic healing. Saify gained insight into this phenomena and authored ‘Zero Medicine Wisdom’ giving account of the “miraculous” self healing experience of his family and friends. He then began facilitating Zero Medicine Workshop for people from all walks of life. His own journey of living a blissful medicine free life for the past 18 years is a testament to the truth behind his teachings.

πŸ’‘ Explore the possibility of a life free from medicine and dis-ease. Discover the keys to Lifelong good health and also learn to facilitate this transformative program yourself.Β 

πŸ“ Enroll now! As a community event, we embrace inclusivity and flexible contributions. Just contribute any amount that feels right for you. (Suggested contribution is 5000/- per Level and the total Course is of Six Levels). Let us create a vibrant space of learning and growth together!


Empathy is defined as the ability to identify what someone else is thinking or feeling and to respond to their thoughts and feelings with an appropriate emotion.

Lack of empathy is a factor behind symptoms found in borderline personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder, due to which such personalities are capable of inflicting physical and psychological harm on others, unmoved by the plight of those they hurt.

This issue has affected a wide spectrum of society. People from different walks of life are its victims – be it domestic situations at home, society, workplace in corporate organization and educational institutions in general.

This necessitates the need for an “EMPATHY ENHANCEMENT Program for better Mental Health in Schools”.

However, the important question is, can empathy and compassion be taught and learned?

Certainly Yes! From the best of three decades experience in behavioral education, we at ZVM have realized that ’empathy’ can certainly be effectively taught and learnt.

We have therefore designed a meticulously structured workshop that leads to introducing ‘Empathy ENHANCEMENT’ as an important subject in Educational Institutions.

Training in Empathy can build better Leaders, Citizens, Entrepreneurs and Managers. It can inspire them to be more successful while being sensitive, sympathetic and caring towards others.

This critical component of child development can thus be incorporated in education systems. As educators, we can produce better and more empathetic nextgen leaders, managers and entrepreneurs.

All you need is to simply allocate a period for students to discuss their ‘NEED and FEEL’ related to personal, school, or any other matter.

The entire class together with the respective teacher can learn to find solutions by taking part in the process designed to ‘enhance empathic listening and understanding’ and do meaningful and joyful activities together.

Upon hearing from you, we shall mutually schedule class-wise sessions and also offer to train your faculty to incorporate this methodology in their respective classrooms.

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